Congrats to the 2020 ABATE State Rally Raffle Winners!

Thank you to all who purchased 2020 ABATE of MN State Rally Raffle tickets.
Here are the official 2020 Rally Raffle winners:
1st Prize 2020 Electra Glide Std. Greg Heine from Delavan, MN sold by Jim G, Flatlander Chapter. Ticket # 076
2nd Prize 2020 Indian Scout. David Sonnek from Wells, MN sold by Jim G, Flantlander Chapter. Ticket # 071
3rd Prize $10,000. Jeff Newton from Gryala, MN sold by Tim Sandland, Borderland Chapter. Ticket # 482
4th Prize $5,000. Mack Backlund sold by Mitch Backlund, Lake Chapter.  Ticket # 419
50/50 Raffles
Red 50/50 $705, Mike Lewerte St. Cloud, MN.  Ticket #366
Blue 50 /50 $925, Brian Rick from Stewart, MN.  Ticket #732